Sign up for 10% off your first order. Cycling shorts, jerseys, clothing, and apparel. Redefining cycling apparel. Light , fit , I wear it when riding over 34C and I feel so comfortable. Rock Jerseys Show what band you love when you ride. We have the following bands - Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Rush, Genesis, the Police, Bob Marley and the Beatles. But change is afoot. 25 Nov 2020. But, you don't have much money? Wonderful jersey (Alternative Cycling Jersey Khaki) Chun Tung Sin, Hong Kong, 31.8.2020. more: Buyer’s guide - The best waterproof cycling jackets. Comfortable, breathable, and versatile enough to handle whatever the trail, or the day, throws your way. Redefining cycling apparel. There are 0 comments. Skip to content. Clothing, apparel, & accessories by Alternative Apparel for men and women. 5 Reviews Using the combination of two highly technical, recycled Italian mesh performance fabrics, the Alternative Jersey offers a slim but comfortable fit. It’s fair to say the Gabba has gone on to define a whole new category of clothing, and there are now many imitators and alternative versions. Exclusions Apply. Whether it is a wacky jersey featuring your favorite dog, or something a little more unusual, you should be able to find something in our novelty cycling … It usually consists of a jersey, lycra shorts and tights, gloves, arm and leg warmers, socks, baggies and a waterproof/windproof jacket. Add yours. Sam Challis. MTB. This is the best jersey I have ever had, even better than climber 2.0. Masters of variety, these workout shorts are the ultimate for all types … Free shipping and free returns on all domestic orders. Cycling apparel is as guilty as fast fashion for its impact on the environment. . Code cannot be used on Personal Protective Equipment Orders. We have the best Rock Cycling Jerseys available. Here are some awesome alternatives to expensive bicycle touring gear that will inspire you to get out the door and on the road today. Alternative Jersey The first cycling jersey made entirely from recycled materials. Cycling shorts, jerseys, clothing, and apparel. We ship worldwide. Fondo. Gym & Training. Perfect (Alternative Cycling Jersey Khaki) Mark Botham, United Kingdom, 13.7.2020 Wear a fun novelty cycling jersey on your next ride with this collection of unique and unusual jerseys in both men's, women's, and kid's sizes with free shipping. A kit is a collection of specialized apparels for cycling. No worries, you don't need to spend your life savings gearing up for your tour. Recycled cycling jerseys: the greener alternative. Buy clothing and apparel in our exclusive soft eco-fabric, organic, pima, and many other unique fabrics and styles. The company's online store carries a vintage-style race jerseys, as well as a number of other cycling apparel items inspired by ambassador Mark Cavendish. Lightweight and breathable, it is the perfect Jersey … Shop now for tops, t-shirts, hoodies, henleys, dresses, sweats, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, and unique partner brands. Info: Made by Primal Wear and Ride7B. If you struggle with the commute, check out these top ten tips, and remember that arriving by bike makes you feel more energised and ready for the day. So you want to travel the world by bicycle? Gravel grinding made better with Elevenpine's new Gravel Bike Shorts. So – you see, next time you wake up and just don’t fancy riding to work, remember that these are the alternatives and get on your bike! In a previous article, we've already talked about the essential gear you need for you first bike tour.